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Hobbywing SkyWalker-20A
Hobbywing SkyWalker-20A  
ʻմŤ´ѧ Hobbywing Sky Walker 20A ˹ѡ ҤһѴ ҵҰҹҡçҹ Hobbywing
Ҥ = 420.00 ҷ
Ŵ = 390.00 ҷ
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Hobbywing SkyWalker-20A

ʻմŤ´ѧ Hobbywing Sky Walker 20A ˹ѡ Թ俹»Ѵѧҹ ҵҰҹҡçҹ Hobbywing. СѺMotor Ҵ 2213-935KV һСͺ Multi Root Ẻҧ

Product Description


The SKYWALKER Series ESCs are produced by well known manufacturer Hobbywing, this series originally only supply to other RC factories like airplane manufacturers as a part of the RTF kits, so this series feature low cost yet still reliable as other other series made by Hobbywing. They are produced under same standard.


- Type: SKYWALKER-20A 
- Weight: 19g 
- Size:43 x25 x8 mm 
- Constant Current:20A 
- Max Current: 25A (for ten seconds) 
-  BEC: Yes, 2A / 5V 
-  Input: 2 to 3 Li-Po, or 4 to 10 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd

Ҫ : 11579

- ʻմ͹ 5 ѹѺش

      Multi copter motor MT2213-935KV(1045Combo) 2 / .. / 2555
      Hobbywing SkyWalker-20A 2 / .. / 2555
      Combo Set ˹ٹ¨ 26 / .. / 2555
      MYSTERY MOTOR A2212 1400KV. 16 / .. / 2555
      [Out] Speed Controller EMAX 100A.2-6cell 16 / .. / 2555
E sky Simulator 4ch
E sky Simulator,AeroFly,FMS,,֡Թ,USB Flight Simulator,Games

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= 890 .
Helicopter V.911 Transmission 24Ghz. 4ch
. V911,V.911,Ԥͻ, ԤͻѧѺ §,ԤͻѧѺ v911,ͧԹѧѺ§

= out .
= 1290 .
Futaba T6J 2.4GHz
Futaba J6,ԷغѧѺ,Է Futaba,2.4GHz.,Է 6 ͧ,6ex

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= 5350 .
DJI Phantom 2 Vision +
DJI, DJI Phantom, DJI Phantom Vision, Phantom Vision +, Quard, Quard Rotor, Chai Mai Multirotor, Mulitiotor Shop

out .
DJI Phantom3 Advnced
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WLtoys V959 FPV
FPV, Helicopter, V911, V912, V959, ͧԹźѧѺ, Ԥͻ, ͧԹʹ

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= 2090 .
Hobby King S0361
Micro Servo,Hobby King Servo,Micro Airplanes,Ǩ,ͧԹ,ͧԹ 3D

160 .
DJI SPARK, DJI CHING MAI, Pocket Drone, Drone Camera, Drone RC, Drone Shop, Chiang Mai Drone, Chiangmai Drone Shop, ù§, ùҾ, ù Ҥ, ùҤҶ١, ҹù, ҹù, ù

= 20000 .
= 15000 .
[Out]*** Speed Controller EMAX 80A.2-6cell
Speed Brushless Motors,Speed 80A.,ʻմͧԹ3,ʻմ 80A.

750 .
TowerPro SG-5010
Servo,Standard Servo,TowerPro SG5010,,ͧԹѧѺ,öѧѺ,ͧԹѹ,ҤҶ١

185.00 .

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